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Our focus is on quality Brahmans being Red, Black and Polled Black.  We concentrate on developing structurally correct cattle that can survive in different climates, terrain, and high foliage.  We believe that Brahman Cattle in order to meet today’s demand in various parts of the world need to be able to walk long distances, have longer legs and a cleaner and higher underline.  Therefore, our cattle will have longer legs, good feet, tighter and higher underlines and to go along with the other known quality Brahman Traits as described below.

Brahman cattle have a high tolerance to heat and survive equally as well to European cattle down to 8ºF.  Brahman cattle lose 25% of their body efficiency when the temperature goes above 109ºF and European cattle lose 75% of their body efficiency when the temperature goes above 72ºF.  We have concentrated on Red and Black Brahmans with black hides for a more efficient animal.  Contrary to what you may believe, the black pigment will dissipate more heat and keeps out the intense rays of the sun.  That is why you do not see native fair skinned humans in the tropics. 

The shiny coats of the Brahman cattle also act as a reflector.  The Brahmans’ abundance of loose skin and sweat glands contribute materially to their heat tolerance.  Brahmans produce less internal heat in warm weather than European breeds.  Waste heat is produced from feed at the expense of growth and milk production.  Brahmans also are good mothers and produce a very satisfactory milk flow under conditions that are adverse for best performance of European cattle.  Brahmans are more disease resistance than European breeds. Besides being intelligent, inquisitive and shy, they are very domicile and quickly respond to the handling they receive.  Brahmans when bred to European cattle produce a Hybrid Vigor and a more efficient animal than the European in addition to faster weight gains to and after weaning for the commercial breeder.


We believe our Red Brahmans are very high quality.  Our Black Brahmans have a Grey Pedigree and will breed back Black with Black or Black with Grey/White.  Our pewter coated Brahmans have a Grey Pedigree and will bred back Black with Black and do carry the Black marker.  For those commercial breeders whose herds are primarily black, in addition to the Black Bulls breeding back Black, Red bulls will breed Black or mostly Black with a little red or purple stripe or purple and black tinge.  For those commercial breeders who have Hereford or Hereford crosses, the Red Bulls will breed Red, Brown tiger stripe, and in a number of cases, black with a red or purple tinge. 

 One of our goals is to keep our customers happy with a product that they can benefit from.   If you have any questions about our program, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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